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Posted October 3, 2020 in

Who are Anesthesiologists?

Anesthesiologists are medical doctors who have completed a four-year college degree, four years of medical school and four years of an anesthesiology residency. They are specialists trained in all aspects of perioperative care. This includes evaluating patients prior to surgery, monitoring vital signs and controlling pain during the surgical procedure, as well as supervising the postoperative care. Anesthesiologists are trained to assess each patient’s medical conditions and carefully design an anesthetic plan that is safe and effective.

Anesthesiologists not only immediately diagnose and treat medical problems that arise during surgery; they also provide medical care and pain relief in the recovery room.
Many anesthesiologists chose to complete fellowships (specialty training) in areas such as critical medicine, obstetric, pediatric, cardiac, neuro anesthesia, or pain medicine. They provide more than 90% of the estimated 40 million anesthetics performed in the United States each year.